candid images with soul and whimsy

As a lifelong picture taker and family documentarian, photography has been my form of creative expression and tool for communication. Drawing upon my experience as a social worker, immigrant and artist, I use my unique perspective and independent spirit to create emotive, intimate portraits.

I share a love for images and film cameras with my father, who purchased my first film camera at the age of 14. Originally from the Former Soviet Union and then Rochester, NY, I was exposed to and absorbed the riches of photography through the George Eastman/Kodak legacy. Growing up, I often sifted through our pile of black and white prints from the old country. After my father’s passing, I was re inspired to tell the stories of other families, to capture their essence, while preserving their memories for years to come. Time is fleeting but love is forever.

My work is relationship based and I truly care for the families and children who entrust me to capture their images. Contact me and we can get started!

I strongly value diversity and all families.


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